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Bosch 120 series injectors

Bosch 120 (CRIN2) series injectors are mostly installed in commercial vehicles, supporting the medium and heavy vehicles above. Its working principle is similar to the Bosch 110 injectors! But in the maintenance of the division of the stroke, the spring force matching and the flexibility between the parts require more stringent specifications! Bosch 120 (CRIN2) is divided into two types of engine assembly: built-in and external, both of which are very similar to each other in terms of internal structure

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CAT Medium Pressure Common Rail Injector HEUI

CAT Medium Pressure Common Rail Injector HEUI Meaning. H: hydraulic E:  electronic U: unitI:  injector CAT medium pressure common rail injector system features (1) fuel metering based on time, and injection pressure is not affected by engine speed and load, injector timing is not limited. (2) Fuel exists only in the necessary boost amplifier at high pressure. (3) by changing the ratio of the cross-sectional area of the booster piston to the working plunger to obtain very high injection pressureThere

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Engine blue smoke fault

Due to a large amount of oil into the combustion chamber evaporated into oil and gas, the end of the combustion from the exhaust pipe discharge. Failure causes. (1) too much oil in the oil sump. (2) supercharger oil seal damage caused by oil into the combustion chamber. (3) the cylinder is seriously on the fugitive oil. (4) valve stem and duct wear, excessive clearance, valve duct seal failure. Blue smoke diagnosis and elimination methods. (1) check the oil sump

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Engine white smoke fault

Cause: Due to the diesel fuel entering the combustion chamber after evaporation is not burned, milky white from the exhaust pipe discharge; or diesel fuel has water, water evaporates in the cylinder to form steam, water vapor is white when discharged. Cause of failure. (1) there is water in the diesel fuel or because the cylinder gasket wash bad, cylinder head or cylinder rupture leakage, so that the cylinder into the water. (2) cylinder pressure is too low. (3) working

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Engine black smoke fault

Engine black smoke fault

Reason: due to incomplete combustion of diesel, which is not completely burned carbon formed free carbon, suspended in the gas with the exhaust gas, it becomes black smoke.Failure causes.(1) air filter blockage, air intake resistance is too large.(2) injection pump oil supply is too much or uneven oil supply density of each cylinder is too large.(3) intercooler blockage.(4) Injector fuel injection is not good.(5) cylinder pressure is low.(6) poor quality of diesel fuel(7) cylinder pressure is not enough.Black smoke diagnosis

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