Engine black smoke fault

Reason: due to incomplete combustion of diesel, which is not completely burned carbon formed free carbon, suspended in the gas with the exhaust gas, it becomes black smoke.
Failure causes.
(1) air filter blockage, air intake resistance is too large.
(2) injection pump oil supply is too much or uneven oil supply density of each cylinder is too large.
(3) intercooler blockage.
(4) Injector fuel injection is not good.
(5) cylinder pressure is low.
(6) poor quality of diesel fuel
(7) cylinder pressure is not enough.
Black smoke diagnosis and elimination methods.
(1) remove the air filter, check and clean the intercooler, if the diesel engine black smoke phenomenon disappears, the air filter is too dirty, should be cleaned.
(2) If the air filter is good, the diesel engine at idle speed exhaust black smoke, indicating that the idle working condition is too much oil supply. Should check the injection pump.
(3) If the injection pump oil supply is good, should check the injection pump oil supply timing.
(4) If the oil supply timing is correct, you can use the single-cylinder fuel cut-off method to check the work of each cylinder. Such as a cylinder after the oil change is not obvious, and the phenomenon of black smoke disappeared, indicating that the cylinder is not working well, may be too much fuel supply sub-pump, injector spray quality is not good or cylinder pressure is too low, after confirming the diagnosis to be excluded.
(5) If the above are no problem, the quality of diesel fuel may be too poor, resulting in incomplete combustion, diesel fuel should be replaced.

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