Engine blue smoke fault

Due to a large amount of oil into the combustion chamber evaporated into oil and gas, the end of the combustion from the exhaust pipe discharge.

Failure causes.

(1) too much oil in the oil sump.

(2) supercharger oil seal damage caused by oil into the combustion chamber.

(3) the cylinder is seriously on the fugitive oil.

(4) valve stem and duct wear, excessive clearance, valve duct seal failure.

Blue smoke diagnosis and elimination methods.

(1) check the oil sump oil level, if the oil level is higher than specified, should release excess oil

(2) If the oil surface is normal, you can remove the injector, check the oil and carbon of the injector nozzle, if the oil and carbon serious, the cylinder string oil serious, or valve rod and conduit clearance is too large. Should remove the cylinder head to identify the cause, troubleshooting.

(3) check the work of the intake and exhaust valve guide seals

(4) Check the supercharger sealing situation.

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