Engine white smoke fault

Cause: Due to the diesel fuel entering the combustion chamber after evaporation is not burned, milky white from the exhaust pipe discharge; or diesel fuel has water, water evaporates in the cylinder to form steam, water vapor is white when discharged.

Cause of failure.

(1) there is water in the diesel fuel or because the cylinder gasket wash bad, cylinder head or cylinder rupture leakage, so that the cylinder into the water.

(2) cylinder pressure is too low.

(3) working temperature is too low.

(4) Injector spray quality is poor.

(5) poor quality of diesel fuel.

(6) injection pump fuel supply time is too late.

White smoke diagnosis and elimination methods.

(1) in the case of diesel engine running, loosen the bleed screw on the monoblock pump or high-pressure oil pipe connector, check whether there are water droplets in the oil flow. If there are water droplets, the reason for white smoke from the exhaust pipe is that there is water in the diesel. The tank, diesel fuel filter and high and low pressure oil circuit should be excluded from the water clean.

(2) If there is no water in the diesel, you can open the water tank cover, observe whether there are bubbles in the tank. If there are bubbles, the cooling water into the cylinder. Should remove the cylinder head, find the fault area, repair or replacement.

(3) If no water into the cylinder, cylinder pressure should be checked, such as cylinder pressure is too low, should be serviced.

(4) winter driving, if the diesel engine often work at low temperatures, will also make the exhaust pipe white smoke. Should check whether the shutters are closed tightly, and whether the warming set is good. Otherwise, maintenance should be carried out.

(5) If the above are no problems, should check the injector spray quality.

(6) If the spray quality meets the requirements, the fuel supply timing should be checked and adjusted according to the regulations. Diesel fuel quality is poor on the diesel exhaust pipe white smoke also has a certain impact, such as the need to replace the new oil for comparison tests.


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