Cummins Spring Retainer 2872626

Spring Seats 4062465 2872626 4076831 for 3973228 4954200 5476587 PUMP




4954200 3973228 4921431

Part number

4062465 2872626 4076831


Cummins pump 3973228 4954200 5476587


Original Cummins




0.1 kgs

Packaging Details

10 pcs/ box


12 month

Details about Cummins Spring Retainer 2872626

The Cummins ISF3.8 is a compact four-cylinder diesel engine commonly used in light-duty commercial vehicles, such as pickup trucks, vans, and small buses. It is part of Cummins’ ISF series of engines designed for efficiency, performance, and durability.

Here are some general specifications for the Cummins ISF3.8 engine:

  1. Displacement: 3.8 liters
  2. Configuration: Inline four-cylinder
  3. Aspiration: Turbocharged
  4. Fuel System: High-pressure common rail fuel injection
  5. Cooling System: Liquid-cooled
  6. Horsepower Range: Typically between 130 to 170 horsepower, depending on configuration and application.
  7. Torque Range: Typically between 360 to 520 lb-ft (488 to 705 Nm), depending on configuration and application.
  8. Emissions Compliance: Meets various emission standards, including Euro 5, Euro 6, and EPA Tier 4 Final.
  9. Engine Control Module (ECM): Equipped with a modern ECM for precise engine management and diagnostics.
  10. Applications: Suitable for a wide range of light-duty commercial vehicles, including trucks, vans, and buses.

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